In-Flight Measurement of Wing Surface Pressures on a Small-Scale UAV During Stall/Spin Maneuvers

2016     AIAA Flight Testing Conference. Washington, D.C.     Space and Aeronautics


A small-scale UAV was equipped with a number of differential pressure sensors distributed on the wing, and data was collected in stall/spin maneuvers, as well as in nonstalled flight. Correlations between the pressure data and other variables in the non-stalled envelope are established. Subsequently, data from stall and spin maneuvers is analyzed, and distinctive features which correlate with section stall and spin entry are observed. The results presented suggest that pressure data could be used to improve the performance of existing spin detection schemes that rely exclusively on inertial and airspeed data.


  • Abdulrahman Alkurdi
  • Eyas Alfaris
  • Ilan Kroo
  • Roberto Bunge

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