Annual Science and Technology Week Showcase at KACST Headquarters 2015

  26/04/2015       07/05/2015

Every year the KACST faculty and researchers have the opportunity to showcase their research results and technology developments to the public. The event includes a unique presence of KACST’s high ranking officials, local researchers, students, and major stakeholders. The KACST President affirmed the significance of such an event in acquainting young males and females whether in schools or universities with the vital importance of science and technology, their principles and accelerating applications of interest to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During the event which lasts two weeks, all of the research institutions and centers present public demonstrations of their technology developments and breakthrough research outputs. This event is a great opportunity to engage in community outreach and get younger people excited about science and technology. In addition, we allow for some interaction and activities to the public to experience some of the technology first-hand in a safe and productive way. Many of the guests are from nearby schools and seem to enjoy their time visiting the different booths that are available to answer questions.